EaoDesk is an online standing table store. We focus on high quality with standup desks. For a very long time in the past days, we have found that people would get tired and also pained in sitting on chairs for a very long time, they tried to stand up and walk a while after long-sitting-time, but the problems occur again once they sit back.

So, we think it's time to make something that really benefits health. Then that's why EaoDesk appears at this time. We have studied in years to make the new ergonomic and environmental elevating table with cutting-edge material.

We also noticed that most of the standup desks in the market are automatic controlled, which would have extra wires or power to charge. We found that's very inconvenient when there're already enough wires and powers needed to be placed with PC and other tech device.

Therefore, in order to make our customers feel tidy about their floor and desk, we decide to adopt pneumatic-controlled raising principle. Which means there will be no complex wires or powers on the table or floor to charge the desk.
EaoDesk also have contributed on the style and design improvement, we hope all of our guests and customers can find their favourite and modern-designed table at home or office.

We invest in research to craft products that will improve your daily life. And our wire-less standup table is very environomental. We totally believe customer-oriented brings inspiration and creativity.